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Brigitte Lessard-Deyell realized long ago that when women talk, they can change the world; that by sharing their stories, women make their communities stronger.  Women Talk Podcast is a collection of these stories. They come from women of all walks of life, from the once homeless to the world traveled financial whiz, from the stay-at-home mother to the post-graduate doctor. Their stories will inspire you and leave you with a renewed faith in the power of the feminine energy. In them you will find your sorrows and your dark places, your laughter and your light. It will give you hope and courage, and it will give you the strength to stand in your truth and join together in unity.
WOMEN TALK Podcasts start with a captivating 5 to 8 minutes story of an Ordinary Woman Sharing Her Extraordinary Story”. Followed by an interview with the entertaining Women Talk Founder, Brigitte Lessard-Deyell. Our podcast celebrate every women's individuality and unique stories. We laugh, we learn and we inspire each other one story at the time.

We are now accepting applications to be featured on Women Talk Podcast. 

The podcast interview will be approximately 20 minutes long, and will provide you with promotional opportunities and exposure 

  1. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary. 
  2. You must know how to make an audio call through your computer with a suitable mic using Zoom.
  3. You must be willing to share your podcast episode to your audience through your email and/or social networks when the episode is released.
  4. You must pre-write and practice your personal 5-8 minute story
Apply now for one of our 2 guest-TALKer types and we will review your application for a potential spot on our show. 

Guest TALKer Type 1: You have a personal story you have a burning desire to share with other women. You will not be promoting or selling a product (example: a cancer battle, climbing a mountain, a victory etc…) 

Guest TALKer Type 2: You have a personal story and a product you would like to promote (example; workshop, book, coaching program, business the list is endless!) 
COST: $150 - 
to be paid prior to interview

** Our stories are never from a victim’s perspective, our philosophy is “LIFE HAPPENS FOR US, NOT TO US”

Please fill out the application below and we'll be in touch soon to set-up a time.

Podcast Application

Type 1 - NOT making an offer
Type 2 - Making an offer ($150)
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